The Music School

About us

The Music School has come into being to make this Dream come true! With its simple but effective lessons teaching the basics of Music The Music School has commenced with the aim and objective of taking you closer to Music in every possible way!

The lessons are designed in such a way as to facilitate learning, reading and writing the musical notations.

Enrolling yourself in this School as a student you can learn the fundamentals of Western Music in a wholesome and comprehensive manner and gain skill and expertize on the keyboard.

If the children of your friends or your own self wish to learn Music, the Music School would undoubtedly be your Ideal Choice.

The Music School functions as an integral part of READ TRUST which helps in research studies towards developing Music lessons proving easy and interesting for one and all and also in the area of Education and its progress and development.

A Post-Graduate in Economics and Master of Computer Application. She has learnt Music with practical exercises in Western Music. She has designed this Music teaching volume with simple but effective exercises so making it a wholesome and comprehensive curriculum.

The author of this book : Mr.CHEZHIAN

  • Cinematographer;
  • Writer.
  • Has studied Music in London Trinity College of Music and passed with distinction in the Higher Grade Exam in Music.
  • Has won Katha Award for Best Short-Story Writer and
  • Junior Fellowship from the Government of India for promising individuals excelling in Art and Literature.
  • Has won international acclaim and award as the Best Cinematographer.
  • He has penned a series of articles under the title ‘World Cinema’.
  • Has authored eight books related to Cinema.
  • Founder of THE MUSIC SCHOOL