The Music School


The Music Lessons in this school are designed with the specific purpose of facilitating Music Learning to people belonging to different age-groups starting from ten years of age onwards. After an extensive research spanning over a period of fifteen years the lessons have been designed in simple but effective Tamil.

1700 Pages
Ten Volumes
Lessons in more than 200 titles
More than 1000 Illustrations explaining the various aspects of Music Learning and Music Notations.
Each day a Lesson.
Every day 30 Minutes.

At the end of each lesson Worksheet as well as Test papers to help you evaluate yourown self are given.

As Music is an Art that demands practical knowledge and training we have given Audio Examples wherever required. You can listen to those Audio Examples by just clicking on the Audio Examples section in our Website.

It is the way that these Music Lessons are written with audio Examples to help the students learn without any doubt that make this Training stand apart and prove unique and provide enjoyable learning. The exercises are designed in the a of discussion, with the teacher taking the lesson in a classroom and the students seeking clarifications and thus learning with interest and concentration. While learning a lesson, whenever there arises doubt or confusion in understanding you can seek clarification by writing letter to the School address or send an email clear your doubts.


  • 1. The basic as well as advanced lessons of Western Music are available in simple Tamil.
    2. All the lessons are given in the conversant style of dialogue and discussion just the way they would be taught in actual classroom.
    3. In each lesson there are more than hundred Illustrative diagrams.
    4. Ample Audio Examples are also available.
    5. There is a website and online facility to clear the doubts, if any, regarding the lessons taught.
    6. In each lesson there are extensive worksheet, Test papers and Reading Exercises.
    7. The lessons are designed in a way that is most suitable for learning, reading and writing the Western Music notations.

Teaching Method:
The lessons included in this Volume are the outcome of fifteen years of intensive study and research on the various aspects of Western Music and they are so designed to be simple and comprehensible even to those who is not familiar with Music. All these ten volumes contain such simple but interesting and enriching lessons.

Also, the Music lessons are designed in a very innovative way facilitating the learner to become thorough with one lesson each day.

The lessons are so designed as to enable the learners to understand them very clearly without any doubt at all. The distinct feature of these lessons are that when a person comes to the concluding part of this learning process he or she would be able to read and write Music Notations of Western Music. If at all a learner is afflicted with any doubt he or she can contact the office during office hours, i.e., between 10 A.M and 5 P.M and have the doubts cleared over the phone. Or, the learner can contact us by sending an email and get the required assistance.

If the learner wants to sit for the exam being held by London Trinity Music college which has been regularly conducting Exams in Western Music throughout the world The Music School guides you in this too. For, the lessons here are so designed as to make it easier for the learner to sit for the III Grade Theory Exams of Trinity College of Music and come out successfully. This is the unique feature of The Music School.

We take pride in saying that many aspiring learners who had joined The Music School have thus passed in the aforesaid Theory Exams[See: Testimonials – Feedbacks] and, they had no prior knowledge or learning experience in Music and solely relying on the textbooks prepared by The Music School they have excelled in their exams. . This bears testimony to the quality teaching and training of The Music School.

Further, once you finish learning the first five volumes of The Music School – that is, in six months since your admission you would be qualified to sit for the I Grade Exams in Trinity college of Music.

On reaching the stage if the learner wants to sit for the said Exam he or she should take part in the three direct coaching classes conducted specially for this purpose. For that the learner can choose his or her most convenient time and register in advance to attend the special classes during those hours. Qualified and proficient teacher of The Music School will conduct Model exams for you and so guide you in the best manner possible, to sit for the Trinity Exams, fully prepared and confidant.